P.A. Vacancies

Here you can view all the listings for jobs we are currently advertising for. Search by region or view all positions by clicking here.

NYCIL provides support to others wishing to employ their own care staff. We are not an agency and do not employ staff directly. All C.V.’s submitted will be passed directly on to the employer whom we are advertising on behalf of. We will not share your details with any other parties, and C.V’s are not kept beyond the recruitment period unless you expressly wish to be kept on record.

If you have any enquiries about any of our listings, or you are interested in using NYCIL’s services to recruit a personal assistant, please call our office on 01723 588002 or email admin@nycil.org.uk.

Working as a Personal Assistant

Every individual has their own unique situation, and their own personal needs. As such, no two jobs are the same.

Examples of tasks that a role might involve include:

  • Support with personal care.
  • Support with going out, which could involve socialising or shopping.
  • Support with day to day living, which could involve cooking and cleaning.
  • Providing companionship.

Due to the wide variety of roles, experience and required qualifications will vary. Some roles might require specific training or experience, however we also have opportunities for those with less care experience. Some employers will also provide specialised training.

All positions will require a full DBS check, some might also have other requirements such as an own car and driving licence. Please make sure you meet any given specifications before applying.