Here To Help

Our Here to Help Service is a service set up to help disabled and vulnerable people employ their own staff to help care for them. We primarily support those in receipt of direct payments or personal health budgets, however we can also provide support to those who wish to fund their own care. Please get in contact if you wish to learn more.

A Personal Assistant or P.A. is someone employed by you to support your need, or the needs of a dependent. As the employer, you will define the role to meet your care needs, whether it involves support with going out to social and leisure activities, personal care, or other tasks that support in day to day living.

Employing your own staff also means that you will be responsible for your staff, including aspects such as recruitment, training, insurance and payroll. NYCIL supports you as an employer, providing assistance with recruitment, signposting to insurance and training agencies, payroll, dealing with HMRC, as well as being there if you ever require advice. This support takes the pressures of being an employer off you so you can focus on your care.

Recruitment Support

Our staff will provide tailored assistance in finding the right person for the job. The range of support they can provide includes:

  • Placing advertisements for you in a variety of locations and formats including our own database and on social media.
  • Providing and promoting job descriptions tailored to your specifications.
  • Forwarding applications or CVs to you.
  • Supporting you during interviews. We can also book a suitable location, arrange the interview schedule and contact the applicants.
  • Assisting you in applying for references.​
  • Keeping applicants up to date with progress/advise if unsuccessful.
  • Supporting you with paperwork and employment regulations and insurance
  • Providing signposting to relevant organisations is further support is required.
  • Assisting with being a good employee.

We charge a small fee for our services. If you are in receipt of direct payments, this fee is included in the funding.