Employer Checklist

Important Things To Remember as an Employer

You have chosen to become an employer and recruit your own staff to care for you or a family member/friend. There are certain things to remember about your responsibilities of being an employer so we have created a list of things you need to remember to make your role easier.

Things to do/We will help you to do:

  • Issue a Contract of Employment and both (employer and employee) keep a signed copy in a safe place.
  • Issue a Job Description and keep this somewhere handy to refer to if required.
  • Ensure your Insurance is in place and paid for.
  • Make sure you understand your Direct Payment – including the rate of pay and hours.
  • Keep up to date with your Direct Payment monthly returns.
  • If your PA uses their own car for your support they must have business use on their insurance and you must see this.
  • Ensure DBS checks are carried out if applicable. (Contact DPA)
  • Inform your Payroll Company of any changes to your circumstances or Direct Payment. (Nycil offers a tailored payroll service)
  • Keep a track of your staff holidays and ensure they take them before the year end and make sure you tell your payroll provider when annual leave has been taken so they can record it on payslips. Our tailored contracts give full details of their entitlement.
  • Have you made “Contingency Plans?” Do you have a grab bag ready for emergencies? What happens if your staff cannot get in due to snow or floods? Ask us about being prepared for emergencies.
  • Sometimes staff leave or things don’t always work out. Don’t worry, just give us a call and we will advertise for new staff or take a look on our database.