Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments?

​​​If you, or a person you look after, are assessed by North Yorkshire Council, or your local authority, as needing support, then you have a right to ask to receive this support as a “Direct Payment”. Direct Payments are a way of receiving your personal budget to pay directly for things services such as personal care, respite, day services, home adaptations and specialist equipment. Direct payments give you more control over your care and the support you receive.

Who can get a Direct Payment and how do I apply for them?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be aged 16 or over and be assessed as needing and being eligible for services
  • A carer with an agreed assessment of need that is eligible for direct carer support; or
  • The parent of a disabled child who has been assessed as needing and being eligible for services;


  • Be able to take responsibility for arranging (with support if required) and managing your own care;
  • Be willing to use direct payments; and
  • You must also be able and willing to consent to a direct payment and be able to manage the payment.

Every Local council must now offer help to people who need help to stay in their own home money to buy services or equipment, instead of arranging services for them. They will enable you to choose how you organise the help you need in a flexible way. In November 2009 all local councils began to offer Direct Payments to people who lack mental capacity. this is arranged through an agent or family member acting on the disabled persons behalf.

If you already have a social worker, you can speak to them if you qualify and about how to apply.

How Does NYCIL Help

NYCIL works with NYC to provide support for those wishing to receive direct payments to employ care staff. We will support throughout the recruitment process, providing advice and support in finding the right staff for you. Once you have successfully recruited, we provide a payroll service making the direct payments process as simple as possible whilst allowing you to keep control over your care.

To learn more and gets started with the process, visit North Yorkshire Council’s website.

To find out if you are eligible to receive Direct Payments please call NYC on 0300 131 213 or email:​